Question: Where do I get rising weapon badges?

Where do I turn in unique weapon badges?

How to use Unique Weapon Badges. Head to the Shopping Plaza and go up to the second floor. Look for a dark red booth where you can talk to Nanon, the Badge & Memory exchange vendor. Talking to her allows you to exchange Unique Weapon Badges and Memories for rare items.

How do you farm unique weapon badges?

You get unique weapon badges in PSO2 usually either from participating in seasonal events, which are, well, seasonal and not around all the time. You can also get them as mission pass rewards, and rarely as rewards and drops.

What is rising weapon badge PSO2?

A golden badge obtained from a rare enemy. Presenting it allows you to exchange for a variety of items.

Where is the badge exchange shop pso2?

The Badge Exchange, Recycle, and Craft Shops can be found in the Shopping Area of the lobby near the stage. There are four types of ARKS Badges. You can trade these in at the Badge Exchange Shop for cosmetic items for your character(s) or My Room.

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