What is the best firearm for turkey hunting?

What is the best gun to use for turkey hunting?

Remington Model 870: The Remington Model 870 Express Turkey Camo was introduced in 1950 and was soon mass-produced due to its popularity among the turkey hunting community (and other hunters, too). This gun is both slick and reliable, and is available in 3- and 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge versions—perfect for turkey hunting.

What caliber is best for turkey?

For a dedicated turkey rifle, though, the best choices are going to be in the lower velocity . 22- to . 25-caliber range, though there can be exceptions to that. High-velocity varmint calibers and bullets are made for explosive expansion on small game and can tear up a turkey.

What gauge shotgun is best for turkey?

Some folks even self-loaded hot 20-gauge homebrews that could tip over a gobbler with the best of ’em. But if you were serious about killing turkeys, you were shooting a 12 gauge of some kind. Today, 12 gauges are still the most popular.

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Is the Mossberg 500 a good turkey gun?

500s are great cheap guns. I killed a lot of birds growing up with mine before I got my 835. That is one of my fondest hunting memories, my dad and I camo taping up our 500s the night before opening day.

Is a 410 shotgun good for turkey hunting?

410 bore loads definitely have the patterns, down-range energy and penetration at 40 yards to be effective at killing wild turkeys.

What is the best 12-gauge turkey load?

Tungsten loads are by far a better choice than lead for turkey hunters, including those who balk at the substantial recoil of a 12-gauge 3 ½-inch magnum load pushing 2 ounces of lead pellets.

Where do you aim a turkey?

When hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun, greater success is achieved when hunters shoot at the head and neck area of the bird. The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. The preferred shot angle for bowhunters is broadside, aiming for the heart or lungs.

Is a camo gun necessary for turkey hunting?

In one word NO you do not have to have a camo gun to turkey hunt.

Is a Remington 870 good for turkey hunting?

The 870 Delivers a Superior Pattern

Scopes and reflex sights have become popular amongst turkey hunters. A gobbler’s head is a small target, and if you can put a red dot on its wattles and pull the trigger, that makes hitting a spring tom much simpler.

Can you shoot turkey with a 22?

22 Hornet, 222 Rem., 223 or 22/250 if you hand load and load them down some, all good for Turkey and accurate enough for head shots if possible.

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Can you turkey hunt with a rifle?

17 HMR can be used to effectively take wild turkeys. Many have honed their fall turkey hunting skills using a shotgun. And that’s great. However, a growing number of turkey hunters are stepping out of their comfort zone to hunt turkeys in the fall using a rifle.

What guns are used for turkey?

Assault and battle rifles

Model Caliber Origin
HK416 5.56×45mm NATO Germany Turkey
M4A1 5.56×45mm NATO United States Turkey
M16 5.56×45mm NATO United States
SCAR 7.62×51mm NATO Belgium United States

Can you turkey hunt with a 12-gauge?

Best Shotgun Gauge for Turkey Hunting

You want to go with a shotgun you’re comfortable shooting with the right choke and load. A 12-gauge may shoot further than a 20-gauge, but the 20-gauge has less recoil. There are several options for shotguns, and your selection depends on where and how you hunt turkeys.

Can you turkey hunt with a 28 inch barrel?

My turkey guns are used for wingshooting as well, so 26″ on repeaters and 28″ on stackbarrels, so they balance and swing like they are supposed to. But even on a dedicated turkey gun, I would not go shorter than 26″. Shorter barrels are definitely louder to the user than longer barrels.

Which shotgun choke is best for hunting turkey?

Full choke has tight constriction. The shot holds together even longer, making this choke good for squirrels, turkey, and other game shot at 40-yard and longer ranges. Turkey hunters sometimes use Extra Full or Turkey choke for even denser patterns at long range.

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Can you turkey hunt with a Mossberg 500?

Mossberg 500 Turkey Shotgun

At 7.25 lbs., it’s light enough for turkey hunting but still heavy enough to reduce that recoil. Bonus: it’s available for you lefties and righties!

Who makes a 410 Turkey gun?

New for 2020 is the Mossberg SA-410, a semiautomatic . 410 gauge shotgun that is loaded with custom features. The gun comes standard with a synthetic stock and 26-inch barrel finished in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland camo.