Why are slower weapons better classic?

Why are slower weapons better Wow classic?

While the effect may go unnoticed & is indeed small, slower weapons are better (higher than 3.3 in number). Generally, slower weapons or abilities have more damaging potential. For example, the slower your weapon (within a set range) the higher the chance for Mace Specialization to proc.

Why are faster weapons better for tanking WOW Classic?

Faster weapon = more rage dumped per second (with HS/Cleave) = more threat. Astygia said: Prot PVP uses a slower speed to maximize burst, but for instance tanking faster is indeed better. You’ll find that most tanking weapons are right at or around 1.6.

Is lower speed better wow?

Attack speed and DPS

It must be remembered that attack speed’s significance is inverse to the usual meaning of ‘speed’ – in this case, higher speed means attacking more slowly/less frequently, while lower speed means attacking more quickly/more frequently.

How does weapon speed work in WOW Classic?

Weapon speed is a number that represents the relative speed of a weapon to other weapons. Like attack speed, the lower the number the greater actual speed of the attack, so the number should be interpreted more like a delay number.

Are daggers good for tanking TBC?

Daggers for TBC Classic Warriors

Daggers are often neglected by Warriors due to their very fast attack speeds and lower damage output, but depending on your current weapons Daggers can be good upgrades, especially when tanking. Heroic Strike when needed.

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How does haste work in wow?

Haste is a secondary attribute that increases attack speed, ranged attack speed and casting speed. It also increases these attributes for the player’s pets, increases the regeneration rate of some resources, and increases the tick rate of most of the player’s damage over time and heal over time effects.