Your question: Where are the weapons of Mahabharata?

Where are the weapons of Pandavas kept now?

Banni tree, considered a symbol of courage, peace and prosperity, is the State Tree of Rajasthan and newly formed Telangana. In Tamil it is called ‘Vanni’, in Telugu ‘Jammi’; in Sanskrit ‘Shami’ and in Hindi ‘Khejri’. This was the tree that the Pandavas hid their weapons in during their one-year exile incognito.

What happens to weapons of Mahabharata?

Bhishma and Drona’s weapons were invoked by mantra. With their deaths, the knowledge of those mantras died too. When the Pandavas retired to the woods for the final time, the Agni asked for his Gandvi back and it was returned to the heavens. Shri Krushna’s weapons returned to Vaikuntha with him.

Who has most weapons in Mahabharata?

It is imbued with spiritual and occult powers which power it. The invoked energy can be channeled into any object to use as a weapon. Later the word came to denote any weapon used by releasing it from one’s hand (e.g. an arrow). In the Ramayan and Mahabharat, Shri Ram had more astras than any other warrior.

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How many weapons are there in Mahabharata?

6 Deadly Weapons Used in Mahabharata.

Where is Ashwathama now?

Ashwathma is inside doctors who kill infants. Thats the right answer according to me. ashwathama tried to kill utara’s infant (not born baby) and Krishna gave him curse to live forever, and he is living forever in the heart of doctors who kill infants without infant’s mistake.

Where is Brahmastra?

But once invoked, the Brahmastra must be discharged, and hence it was instead aimed towards Dhrumatulya, falling at of modern-day Rajasthan, causing it to become a desert for eons to come. This incident is mentioned in Yuddha Kanda 22 Sarga, Verse 31.

Who used Brahmastra in Mahabharata?

It is recorded in the Mahabharata that Ashwatthama and Arjun used this weapon each other. It is thought that the Brahmashirsha astra is the evolution of the Brahmastra, 4 times stronger than the Brahmastra. It is similar to modern day hydrogen bombs or thermonuclear (fusion) bombs.

Who gave Brahmastra to Arjun?

Arjun got brahmastra from his teacher Dronacharya. Guru Drona provided this lethal weapon brahmastra only to 3 students based on their merit viz Arjun, Ashvtthama and Yudhisthira.

Who stopped Brahmastra in Mahabharata?

Shri Krishna asks Arjun to counter the Brahmastra by releasing the same Astra from his arrow, but Sage Vyasa stops the two lethal weapons from colliding. He knows how devastating it could have been to the universe.

What weapon did Karna have?

The most important weapon of Karna was Vijaya (celestial bow). It was gifted to him by Parashurama. It was created by Lord Shiva. He also has so many astras which are given below in the following link.

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Who has more weapons Karna or Arjuna?

Arjuna had more astras than Karna, way more. Arjuna had more astras than Karna, way more.

Which astra did Karna have?

Karna had all the astra from a normal arrow to All the Divya Astra. He was given all the astra by Bhagwan Parshuram himself. Along with that he was given a bow which was called Vijay Dhanush. The one who had that bow in his hand in the battle field could never loose.

Who was most powerful in Mahabharata?

Arjuna: He was the son of Indra. He was the best archer and the greatest warrior of Mahabharata. He defeated great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Ashwatthama, Karna, fairly but never got defeated by any of them. He remained unbeaten throughout the epic and thus he was invincible.

How much powerful is Brahmastra?

The Brahmashirsha astra was a weapon that was said to be able to destroy the world, capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings. It is one of the most destructive, powerful, and irresistible weapons mentioned in Hinduism.

Why did Krishna not use weapons in Mahabharata?

People started to think that leave your work and only tries to make almighty happy and he will fight for you, he will solve all your problems. As per my idea Lord Krishna has promised that he will not use any weapons, because kauravas did not allow Lord Krishna to take side of pandavas so he had to do so.