Can you substitute small rifle primers for small pistol primers?

Are pistol primers and rifle primers the same?

Pistol primers have thinner and somewhat softer primer cups than their rifle counterparts. Small pistol and rifle primers utilize a cup 0.175″ in diameter, while large pistol and rifle primers measure 0.210″ across. Large rifle primers are 0.008″ thicker than a large pistol primer.

Why are small pistol primers out of stock 2020?

People getting sick, missing work to take care of their kids, and self-quarantining – from factory workers to delivery drivers, and all throughout the supply chain – caused a lull in manufacturing this spring. The Remington bankruptcy has had a large impact on the shortage of ammo and primers.

Can you use large pistol primers in a rifle?

Well-Known Member. Large pistol primers are shallower, so even if you back off to account for the cup strength, you will likely have misfires. The amount of compound is also a bit less than rifle primers, so anything bigger than a short action standard like a 308 might not light well.

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Whats the difference between small pistol and small rifle primers?

Small pistol primers – which are about the same size as small rifle primers but designed specifically for handguns. Large rifle primers – which measure about . 128 inches in height and . 212 inches in width.

Are pistol primers hotter than rifle primers?

In construction rifle primers of both types generally have thicker cups than pistol primers to withstand the higher pressures they’re usually exposed to. As for primer compound, rifle primers have more/hotter primer compound in order to consistently ignite larger charges of slower burning powders.

Does 308 use large or small rifle primers?

Plus, some of the most savvy handloaders and shooters in the world—Palma competitors—regularly choose Small Rifle primer pockets in the . 308, which has about seven percent greater propellant capacity than the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Why is Hodgdon powder not available?

A: Quite simply, our manufacturing facilities have not kept up with our orders. Additionally, military contracts began specifying Hodgdon powders in the last few years for military ammunition, impacting our supply.

Are primers available anywhere?

Rifle and pistol primers are nearly sold out everywhere, with some less-than-reputable vendors now charging 4-5 times the normal price.

Can you use magnum pistol primers in standard loads?

I pretty much exclusively use magnum primers. You’ll be fine as long as you start new load development and start on the lower side.

Can you use small rifle magnum primers for 357 magnum?

The small rifle magnum primers worked fine in every 357 revolver I brought.

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What is the difference between standard and magnum primers?

What is the difference between magnum primers and regular primers? – Quora. Simply, magnum primers are more powerful. The intention is that extra explosive power more reliably ignites very slow propellants as used in magnum handgun and rifle loads. Load formulas calling for magnum primers factor this extra power in.