Do gambit Pinnacle weapons count as Gambit weapons?

What weapons qualify as Gambit weapons?

The weapons that count as “Gambit weapons”

Weapons Type Requirements
Malfeasance Hand Cannon Forsaken
Gnawing Hunger Auto Rifle Free-to-Play
Bad Omens Rocket Launcher Free-to-Play
Night Watch Scout Rifle Free-to-Play

What counts as Gambit weapons for Deadeye?

You’ll need to equip a Gambit weapon in your Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy weapon slots and win a match to complete this Triumph.

Here’s every obtainable Gambit weapon that counts for this Triumph:

  • Kinetic: Bygones (Sunset), Lonesome, Malfeasance, Night Watch.
  • Energy: Gnawing Hunger, Trust (Sunset)
  • Heavy: Bad Omens.

What weapons count for Dredgen?

If you don’t have any titles, Dredgen is one of the easiest to earn.

The following weapons contribute towards this Triumph:

  • Kinetic: Lonesome, Night Watch.
  • Energy: Bottom Dollar, Gnawing Hunger, Trinary System.
  • Power: Bad Omens, Crowd Pleaser.

Do gambit Pinnacle weapons count for Dark Age arsenal?

Edit: Ok, so pinnacle gambit weapons do count.

Is Python a gambit weapon?

Weapons that do not count, – Pinnacles, like 21% Delirium, Python, Hush, – Newer gambit drops, like Bottom Dollar and Trinary System. Servant Leader falls under this category.

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Is Nightwatch a gambit weapon?

Night Watch is a Legendary Scout rifle that can be earned from Gambit Prime and The Reckoning.

Night Watch
Affiliation: Gambit

Is servant leader a gambit weapon?

Servant Leader is the new Gambit weapon introduced in Season of the Lost. This is one of the better weapons introduced in Season of the Lost and is similar to a sunset weapon called Randy’s Throwing Knife.

What weapons drop from gambit prime?

To recap, here are the Season of the Drifter weapons that can drop in the Gambit Prime and Reckoning activities:

  • Outlast pulse rifle.
  • Spare Rations hand cannon.
  • Bug-Out Bag SMG.
  • Gnawing Hunger auto rifle.
  • Doomsday grenade launcher.
  • Night Watch scout rifle.
  • Lonesome sidearm.
  • Last Man Standing shotgun.

Does bottom dollar still drop?

The only way to get Bottom Dollar is by playing Gambit matches. This weapon only has a chance to drop at the end of every Gambit match, regardless if you win or lose.

Is the drifter Dredgen Yor?

The Drifter used to be a Shadow of Yor (a.k.a, a Dredgen) but then stopped working with them. Probably the last time the Emissary of the Nine saw Drifter was when he was a Shadow of Yor, that’s why he says “It’s Drifter now” After the Emissary referred to him as Dredgen.

What are the best weapons for Gambit?

Best Gambit Weapons (2022)

  • Sleeper Simulant (Exotic, Linear Fusion Rifle, Power, Solar)
  • Succession (Sniper Rifle, Kinetic)
  • The Lament (Exotic, Sword, Power, Solar)
  • Witherhorde (Exotic, Grenade Launcher, Kinetic)
  • Xenophage (Exotic, Machine Gun, Power, Solar)
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How do you get a Dredgen title?

Objective: As an Invader, defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion. Not only do you need to get 4 kills on a single invade, you’ll need to do it on 3 separate occasions to complete the Army of One Triumph to earn the Dredgen title.

Do gambit prime weapons work for Dark Age arsenal?

Dark Age Arsenal only counts the following weapons, Original Gambit weapons – Drifter has a Bygones, Trust and Bad Omens for it, Gambit Prime weapons – Night Watch, Lonesome, Gnawing Hunger, etc, Malfeasance works too.

Is cold denial a gambit weapon?


Cold Denial is a legendary 340 RPM pulse rifle with a 28 bullets magazine. A Gambit weapon added in Destiny 2. It’s in the Kinetic slot and uses primary ammo.