Does Spirit Shroud work with spiritual weapon?

Does Spirit Shroud apply to spiritual weapon?

If my math is correct, in 2 turns, first turn being spirit shroud+2 attacks, second turn being spiritual weapon attack+2attacks, you are adding 6d8 in total to your damage for 3rd and 2nd level spell slots that lasts as long as you can keep concentration on spirit shroud and how long the battle is.

Can you use spiritual weapon and spirit guardians at the same time?

If you could cast a bonus action spell using a normal action, you’d be able to combine Spirit Shroud with Spiritual Weapon the same way you can combine Spirit Guardians with Spiritual Weapon, by casting them both on turn 1. Unfortunately, RAW you can’t cast those both in the same turn.

How does Spirit Shroud work?

You call forth spirits of the dead, which flit around you for the spell’s duration. The spirits are intangible and invulnerable. Until the spell ends, any attack you make deals 1d8 extra damage when you hit a creature within 10 feet of you.

Does Spirit Shroud work with Eldritch Blast?

Then I am forced to follow which means op attacks or move out of melee, also op attacks, and Eldritch Blast. Spirit Shroud does the same damage as Hex until lvl 9 since damage scales every 2 spell lvls beyond 3rd.

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Is necrotic shroud a spell?

I feel it’s pretty clear cut that a: necrotic shroud says clearly damage applied to a spell or attack, and while spiritual weapon is ‘created’ by the cleric, its still a spell and attack (and its not a summoned creature or pet).

How good is the spirit shroud?

The Spirit Shroud is a unique Ghost Armor. Its skill boost is small but useful, and its defense against freezing provides good defense against cold enchanted enemies.

Can spiritual weapon flank?

Spiritual Weapons do not give flanking to other creatures. However, a creature attacking with their Spiritual Weapon will get flanking if one of their allies is in a position to flank. Flanking states that an ally must be on the other side but not that the attack must come from your position.

Can spiritual weapon go through walls?

The case for: Yes; spiritual weapon can move through walls.

Can spiritual weapon be destroyed?

Spiritual weapon states nothing on that you can destroy it, but not that it cannot be attacked and destroyed either. So it’s a DM call whether someone can attack, grapple etc. it.

Does Spirit Shroud work with booming blade?

I think the text of Spirit Shroud specifying ‘attack’ indicates the secondary damage on Green Flame Blade and Booming Blade is not modified, since that damage does not stipulate an attack in the text of those cantrips. Rather it is automatic damage much like Magic Missile.

How do you use spirit guardians?

The most ideal place to use Spirit Guardians is in a dungeon or otherwise enclosed space, effectively turning the entirety of the room into a trap that slows and damages all enemies.

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Is Spirit Shroud good for Hexblade?

RE: Spirit Shroud. This spell’s damage scales up with level; Hex damage does not. Warlock pact magic spells are automatically upcast, so a 7th level Warlock casting Spirit Shroud will get 2d8 damage, and this will increase to 3d8 at 9th level.