How do you get 2x weapon XP in Modern Warfare?

Is there 2x weapon XP?

Double XP or 2XP Events are limited time events that you earn double the amount of weapon and / or rank XP. At times, this even doubles XP earned from other sources. These events usually happen on weekends or during holidays.

How do you get weapon XP?

Get experience points (XP) every time you kill an enemy. XP not only goes to your rank but also to your currently used weapon. Your weapon levels up once you reach a certain amount of points, which unlocks new attachments and camos for you to use.

How do I use weapon XP?

After you collect a lot of weapon XP cards, you can use them to upgrade your guns and weapons in CODM using these steps: (I) Tap on the loadout option. (III) Go to the primary weapon section. (III) Select the weapon you want to upgrade.

How do I activate XP tokens?

To activate them, you’ll see a prompt on the main multiplayer menu – which is usually L3 (clicking the left thumbstick in). Select whichever token you wish and it will be active! Beware, these run based on time past since activating them, not in-game; so be ready to rock and roll!

How do you get free COD points?

The best method to get free CP in COD Mobile is from Google Opinion Rewards. The app rewards the users with real cash in their google account by completing the surveys. After this, the money is available for use across different applications or services. Players can redeem the cash in COD Mobile purchasing CP.

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