Is the charge shotgun any good?

Are charge shotguns good?

On the other hand, the Charge shotguns have a magazine of 3-4 shells depending on the rarity of the weapon and dish out 80 to 98 damage. Based on damage and shell quantity, Pump shotguns seem to have a head start in our comparison while it is to be noted that the Charge shotguns are also good in this department.

Is the charge shotgun bad?

Of the three shotguns that are currently available in the loot pool, the Charge Shotgun is by far the most unique and lethal if used correctly. To put it into perspective, an Uncommon Charge Shotgun that’s fully charged should deal more damage than a Legendary Pump Shotgun.

Is the charge shotgun or TAC better?

There’s no doubt that the Charge Shotgun packs a stronger punch (although Epic did buff the Tac ahead of Season 5). If you can use it efficiently and get the hang of timing your shots, you can secure some quick kills on opponents, even at a longer range.

Can the charge shotgun one shot?

If players get a close-range headshot with a fully charged shotgun, they can easily eliminate players in a single shot.

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What is better primal shotgun or pump?

The Pump Shotgun has a DPS of 77 while the Primal Shotgun has a DPS of 269. The Primal Shotgun has a higher rate of fire compared to the Pump Shotgun. And most interestingly, the Primal Shotgun fires two rounds in one shot making it deadlier amongst the two.

How much damage does a legendary charge shotgun do?


Charge Shotgun Charge Shotgun
Epic Legendary
DPS: 83.3 DPS: 86.7
Damage: 98 Damage: 102
Fire Rate: 0.85 Fire Rate: 0.85

Is there a GREY charge?

Grey charges: “Deceptive and unwanted credit and debit card charges that occur as a result of misleading sales and billing practices.” Technically, grey charges aren’t considered fraud because the legalese spells it all out, and trusting consumers sign on the dotted line.

How much damage does a blue makeshift shotgun do?


Makeshift Shotgun Makeshift Shotgun Makeshift Shotgun
Damage: 88 Damage: 93 Damage: 98
Magazine Size: 3 Magazine Size: 3 Magazine Size: 3
Fire Rate: 1.25 Fire Rate: 1.25 Fire Rate: 1.25
Reload Time: 3.5s Reload Time: 3.0s Reload Time: 2.5s

Are combat shotguns in Fortnite?

Critical Hit Damage

Long range and large magazine size. The Combat Shotgun is a shotgun in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Season 9.

How much damage does a GREY charge shotgun do in Fortnite?

A gray charge shotgun, when fully charged (1.7 seconds) increases its damage to 120 (180 headshot), enough to kill an unshielded opponent at full life. The blue charge shotgun hits for 134, and 201 on headshot, now enough to kill an opponent with full life and full shields.

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What is the best shotgun in Fortnite?

The Pump Shotgun is the best shotgun in Fortnite Battle Royale.

  • Damage Per Second – 81.2.
  • Damage – 116.
  • Headshot Multiplier – 1.75x.
  • Fire Rate – 0.7.
  • Magazine Size – 5.
  • Reload Time – 3.7s.