Is the MACE an effective weapon?

How good is a mace as a weapon?

During the Middle Ages metal armour such as mail protected against the blows of edged weapons. Solid metal maces and war hammers proved able to inflict damage on well armoured knights, as the force of a blow from a mace is great enough to cause damage without penetrating the armour.

What is better a mace or a sword?

Maces are useful against enemies wearing armour , like bandits and other thugs. Axes do more bleeding damage so it can be useful against enemies like Dragons , Giants , Mammoths etc. Sword does critical damage and doesn’t has any perks similar to the ones above so it is recommended for either situation.

Could a mace break a sword?

With a mace one can break armor, smash shields, and shatter swords without having to worry about preserving a fragile edge.

How effective is a mace against armor?

Maces are good against armour because armour neutralizes the swords cutting ability and to some extent its piercing ability (gaps being the exception). The mace is not that good at actually dealing damage. Few things short if a direct blow to the head will instantly disable opponent.

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Are maces lethal?

Apart from blows to the head or spine, mace and hammers aren’t likely to kill. Single-handed ones could knock unconscious through a helmet and break limbs – at least from horseback – but that’s about the extent of their effectiveness.

Is a mace a simple weapon?

A mace is a simple one-handed melee weapon in the mace weapon group. A mace is a versatile weapon, so medium characters may wield it two-handed to deal 1 extra damage.

What’s better war AXE or mace?

No real difference. Swords swing fastest but deal least damage, maces swing slowest but deal the most damage, and Axes are in the middle. Use whatever you get your hands on, the DPS is more or less the same. It pretty much boils down to whatever you think looks the best on your character.

Is an axe better than a sword Skyrim?

Swords are faster than the other weapons, but hit for a little less. Axes are “medium” fast, and have a litlle bit more damage than swords. And maces are the slowest of the three, but hits harder.

Are axes good Skyrim?

The best War Axes in Skyrim

It can also be improved with only the Steel Smithing Perk unlocked, making it an exceptional early-game choice. In certain situations, it’s one of the best one-handed weapons you can get your hands on. The Rune Axe is acquired by completing the Dawnguard quest “Lost Relic”.

Is a halberd an axe?

The halberd consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft. It always has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants. It is very similar to certain forms of the voulge in design and usage. The halberd was usually 1.5 to 1.8 metres (5 to 6 feet) long.

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Can a sword cut a helmet?

The chances of a sword cutting through a helmet under battlefield conditions are so low as to be statistically negligible. It happened on occasion.

Are Greatswords good against armor?

Two-handed swords were known for being able to decapitate and inflict other terrible wounds on unarmored targets, but against a man in armor a greatsword could still have enough force to disorient, concuss, or knock him to the ground with powerful blows.

Can an axe break a skull?

An axe is impractical as it is very big and heavy which would limit maneuverability. For the ultimate skull crushing power, with the strength, length, and weight is the crowbar.

Why would the best armor have the most mass?

Scale armor allows more freedom of movement but doesn’t resist the impact of strikes as well and has a weakness to upward thrusts as well as being heavier to have the same penetration resistance.

Do flails hit harder?

Any follow-through with a flail would just make the potentially disastrous rebound hit you even harder. Also, the chain is a weak point that could break or be broken by your enemy, or find itself wrapped around their sword, or the handle of a larger weapon.