What do I do if I don’t have ammo in Resident Evil 2?

How do you get ammo in Resident Evil?

The fastest way to get ammo is to buy them from Duke. Most ammo is cheap, so getting them from Duke is easy. You can get Lei by selling items from Duke, killing monsters, or smashing breakable items. Check out the guide below for details on how to earn Lei in the game!

Can you buy ammo Resident Evil 2?

You can now purchase DLC that unlocks all of Resident Evil 2’s in-game rewards, including The 4th Survivor mode and infinite ammo for a variety of weapons.

Where is the ammo in Resident Evil 2 remake?


  • Main Hall – Police Station 1F. Leon (Standard) …
  • Main Hall – Police Station 1F. Claire (Standard) …
  • Main Hall 2F – Police Station 2F. Leon (Standard) …
  • Main Hall 2F – Police Station 2F. …
  • Main Hall 2F – Police Station 2F. …
  • Main Hall 2F – Police Station 2F. …
  • Press Room – Police Station 1F. …
  • Press Room – Police Station 1F.
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Is Leon or Claire easier?

Specifically, when Claire’s health is in the “Caution” status, she’ll actually run faster than her default speed. On top of this, Claire is already naturally faster than Leon. Not just that, she controls a bit more fluidly, turning with more ease than Leon. In general, she’s a “smoother” character to play as.

Is it better to play as Leon or Claire first?

The good news is the both campaigns play out fairly similarly. The story won’t suffer from you picking either one first, so you can leave the choice largely down to character preference. That said, if you’re a newcomer to Resident Evil and want to make things easier on yourself, we recommend starting with Leon.

How do I get infinite stake ammo?

Accumulate as much treasure as possible during a run, and when you start a New Game+ file, save next to The Duke and sell everything except the gun you wish to upgrade fully. Once its upgraded, reload the save file and fully upgrade another weapon – as the infinite ammo will be unlocked for the previous weapon.

Where do you get ammo in Resident Evil Village?

The first step is unlocking the Extra Content Shop, accessible in the main menu under “Bonuses” after beating Resident Evil Village at least once. The next step is fully upgrading the weapon you are looking to purchase infinite ammo for by spending Lei at Duke’s Emporium, as well as purchasing all of its attachments.

Is there an easy mode in Resident Evil 2?

Assisted Difficulty- The easiest game mode by far holds your hand throughout your entire zombie-killing expedition. You’ll have access to aim assist; a neat feature that allows even those with the worst aim to survive and conquer.

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Can you shoot locks Resident Evil 2?

Some of the doors found in the first stage of Resident Evil 2 are locked with chains. You can open them with a cutting tool. This item can be obtained after getting the blue spades key and going back to the main hall.

Can the knife break in Resident Evil 2?

Unfortunately, knives take up inventory slots, and often break just when the player needs them the most. Thankfully, Resident Evil 2 has unlockables, including an unbreakable knife, if the player knows how to get it. Getting the unbreakable knife in Resident Evil 2 is a challenge, but a worthy one.

What does red room mean in Resident Evil?

A red room means there’s still something to find inside. Sometimes, this is a lock you can’t open or a puzzle you can’t solve yet. Other times, this is just an item you haven’t stumbled across or picked up yet. Check your map often to make sure you’ve picked up everything you can.

How many shots are in a RE2?

Many other zombie series live and die by the “headshot to kill” strategy, with a bullet to the dome capable of taking down any undead coming your way. In Resident Evil 2, it will take about three bullets from your default 9mm pistol to knock a zombie down, and only if they’re all headshots.