Where can I buy a Winchester SX3?

Does Winchester still make the SX3?

Super X3 Shotguns are no longer in production.

Although production of the wildly popular Super X®3 autoloading shotgun came to an end in 2018, its legacy of speed and reliability is well represented in the Winchester bloodline with the Super X®4.

Is the Winchester SX3 gas?

The Winchester® SX3® Field Semi-Auto Shotgun uses a self-adjusting active valve gas system that cycles a wide variety of shotgun shells, while reducing recoil to provide you with fast follow-up shots on missed birds or for shooting multiple targets.

How much does a Winchester SX3 weight?

Overall weight: 7.12 lbs.

Is the Winchester SX4 any good?

Because without a reliable firearm, there’s not much sense in heading to the blind. That’s why the Winchester SX4 is such a great choice. It’s an ultra-reliable, gas-driven semi-auto for less than $900. There are better duck guns than the SX4, but in terms of value, Winchester’s auto-loader is unmatched.

When did Winchester SX3 come out?

The Super X3 (SX3), introduced in 2006, provided more innovation with overbored 12 gauge barrels, a lighter, sleeker profile, the new Active Valve System and more.

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Does Winchester make shotguns?

Winchester Firearms will continue to sell and grow its current line of Select Over & Under shotguns, the new Super X3 autoloading shotgun, the new Super X autoloading rifle and Limited Edition rifles. The company also plans to introduce new models in the future.

How many shells does a Winchester SX3 hold?

This is the hunting version of the “shooting machine” Red Performance. A tubular magazine with a 7-shell capacity provides significant firepower in this semi-automatic magnum chambered shotgun, and can shoot Steel Shots.

Where is Winchester SX4 manufactured?

The SX4 is also made in Browning’s Portugal factory, rather than in Belgium by FN as previous SX3 and SX2 models. If that’s a concern, consider that Browning’s Maxus and A5, both excellent guns, are also made in Portugal.

How much does a Winchester SX4 weight?

Approximate Weight: 7 lbs. Rib Width: 1/4. Drop at Heel: 2 in. Chamber Length: 3 in.

Product Description.

Barrel Length Model UPC
26 in. 511205391 048702006883

Is a Winchester SX4 a Browning?

The sheer engineering elegance of the Winchester/Browning gas system that is carried over to the SX3 and SX4 has to be experienced to be appreciated.

What is better gas or inertia shotgun?

That said, if you enjoy shooting clays and smaller game with 2¾” loads, a gas gun is the way to go. It typically takes longer to “break in” an inertia-driven gun so that it will cycle lighter shells (like a 1- or 7/8-ounce target load).

Does Winchester SX4 come in 20 gauge?

There are currently more than 10, 20-gauge SX4 models available, with barrel lengths from 24 to 28 inches including a Field model with a walnut stock, Waterfowl versions with Mossy Oak and Realtree camo, a composite version with a black synthetic stock, and Universal Hunter models with various camo finishes.

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