Your question: Do Thralls use weapon durability?

What is the best weapon for thrall?

What is the current “best” thrall weapon

  • Giving your thralls poison / bleed weapons are basically top notch if you are not going to apply them yourself.
  • Maces in particular have an incredible move set for thralls.
  • Two handed swords and widely popular due to damage and AoE.

Can you give Thralls armor?

It will only equip gear (weapons excluded) it had when it died. To equip dead thralls with better equipment you have to kill them near enchanting table/smithy, loot their corpse, improve the gear they had on workbench/grindstone/arcane enchanter and give it back to thrall.

What bosses drop sword of Crom?

Dropped by:

  • Guardian of the Flame.
  • The Commander.
  • The Gravewalker.
  • The Watcher.

Can you dress thralls Conan?

You can even have a different look for the males vs females. You can also set certain looks for each occupation seperately like you can have a outfit for Blacksmiths and another for Smelters, etc. Can also have different outfits for different Tier level of the thrall.

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Can you put thralls back in inventory?

After you have placed an archer, fighter or dancer thrall, you can no longer pick it up and put it back into your inventory. You can however pick them up and move them around like a building piece, or set them to follow you when you move around.

What Conan exiles resource is needed to craft the coarse clothing set?

In order to craft the coarse leggings players need 25 plant fiber, which can be gathered from large bushes using E (Default key) on the keyboard.

What is the strongest armor in Conan exiles?

For one of the most powerful legendary armor sets there are in the game, the kind that makes godly avatars tremble with fear, look no further than the Godbreaker Armor.

Is predatory blade good for Thralls?

Predatory Blade is useless to equip thralls with.

What is the strongest weapon in Conan?

Conan Exiles: 10 Best One Handed Swords & How To Get Them

  1. 1 The Predatory Blade. Damage: 97.
  2. 2 Shortsword of the Grey Ones. Damage: 78. …
  3. 3 Voidforge Gladius. Damage: 73. …
  4. 4 Black Ice Broadsword. Damage: 67. …
  5. 5 Guardsman’s Sword. Damage: 65. …
  6. 6 Sword of the Reaver (Epic) Damage: 62. …
  7. 7 Titan’s Fingernail (Epic) …
  8. 8 Sword of the Grey Ones. …

What weapon does the most damage in Conan exiles?

Conan Exiles: 10 Best One Handed Swords & How To Get Them

  • The Predatory Blade. Damage: 97.
  • Shortsword of the Grey Ones. Damage: 78. …
  • Voidforge Gladius. Damage: 73. …
  • Black Ice Broadsword. …
  • Guardsman’s Sword. …
  • Sword of the Reaver (Epic) Damage: 62. …
  • Titan’s Fingernail (Epic) …
  • Sword of the Grey Ones. …
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Where can I find whirlwind blades in Conan?

Whirlwind Blades

ID 15028
Level 1
Whirlwind Blades An ancient weapon found in the Unnamed City Crafted at Improved Blacksmithing Bench