Your question: Is it legal to put a pistol brace on a Mossberg Shockwave?

Are Shockwave Brace legal?

We just received word today that, per the ATF, it is also perfectly legal to hold the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer against your cheek when firing. Just make sure you maintain a ray of sunshine between the rear of the Blade and your shoulder. In other words, “don’t use it as a shoulder stock.”

Can I put a pistol grip on my Shockwave?

We’re just getting started! I also recommend using an Ergo Grip Mossberg 500/590 Tactical Stock Adapter. It bolts directly onto your Mossberg Shockwave and gives you the ability to equip an AR-15 pistol grip and an AR-15 receiver extension.

Can I put a brace on a shotgun?

Nope. It becomes a Statutory Business Report if it has been incorporated, as well as being registered under the NFA and requiring a $200 tax stamp. You reduce the body length to less than 26 inches if you place a pistol grip on it and it becomes exempt from NFA registration, and you have to pay $5 in taxes.

Can you put a stock on a shockwave?

Much like an AR pistol one of these firearms allows you to have a shootable, and fun firearm while you wait for approval from the ATF. Plus, you already got a short barrel, all you have to do is add the stock when your Tax stamp comes in.

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What barrels fit Mossberg Shockwave?

From Carlson’s, The Mossberg 590 12 Gauge Ported Shotgun Barrel! This barrel fits all Mossberg Model Shock Wave Shotguns!

How long is a Mossberg shockwave with brace?

Mossberg 590 Shockwave w/ SB Tactical SBM4 Pistol Brace 12Ga Firearm. The Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12Ga pump-action firearm features a 14-inch barrel, pistol grip and overall length of 26.5 inches.

Is a Mossberg Shockwave a pistol?

The Shockwave falls into another category of firearms. It’s simply a ‘Firearm,’ and it’s not a pistol, rifle, nor a shotgun. While the barrel length doesn’t really matter, there is a measurement that does. The Shockwave has to be over 26 inches in overall length.

Is Mossberg Shockwave legal in all states?

The Mossberg Shockwave

Short barreled shotguns without shoulder stocks and less than 26 inches in length are regulated under the NFA because they are easily concealed, and were favored by criminals at the time of the law’s passage. The product debuted to press explaining that yes, it is indeed legal.

Will Mossberg make a semi auto Shockwave?

Black Aces Tactical has released the Shockwave Semi shotguns. These are Remington 1100/1187-based semi-automatic shotguns redesigned to have a similar layout as the Remington 870 Tac-14 and Mossberg 590 Shockwave. These shotguns come either in SBS or non-NFA configurations.

Can you turn a shotgun into a shockwave?

A “shotgun” must have a barrel at least 18″ long and be at least 26″ in overall length. So the Shockwave cannot legally be a shotgun since its barrel is less than 18″ in length.

What is the Mossberg Shockwave considered?

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives has confirmed the 590 Shockwave as a “firearm” per the Gun Control Act (GCA), but not a Class 3/NFA firearm.

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What makes a stock a brace?

Stocks are designed to allow support of the firearm when held against the shoulder. A brace is designed to add support when held against the forearm or in the bend of the elbow, not at the shoulder.